Zumba Junior, Great Play Style!

Rockin' High Energy Classes Combining Dance and Special Games
For Ages 3½ to 5½ Years

Zumba is a great combination of fitness and fun - it creates a party-like atmosphere that is so much fun that the kids have no idea it's good for them, and that makes it a perfect fit for Great Play's philosophy.

Our Zumba Junior classes are rockin', high-energy events packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines. We combine each class with our own specialized, age-appropriate Great Play games to make each week a one-of-a-kind offering!

Kids develop fitness and coordination, while learning fun Latin, Hip-Hop and International dance moves!

Each class includes:

  • Fun, active introductory activities to warm up.
  • Multiple Zumba dance routines set to fun, high-energy music. Dancers of all levels as well as complete novices love it!
  • Special Great Play dance-related and team-building games like Survivor, Dance Roulette and Musical Hoops.
  • Closing dance and activities.

Benefits for Kids

Promotes fitness and coordination in a fun, party-like atmosphere.

Interactive Gym™

Learning motor skills can require lots of boring, repetitive practice. Kids can quickly lose interest. But not at Great Play, where we turn learning and practice into play!

Great Play's Interactive Gym is an destination like no other. We offer endless different activities each week, supported by proprietary curriculum, energetic coaches, upbeat music, and immersive technologies that transform our gym space into an ever-changing interactive learning experience.

Every trip to Great Play a unique, motivating adventure. Kids don't realize they're learning. They're just having fun! Learn more

Our Coaches (and Buddy)!

Our phenomenal coaches lead the fun, with special guest appearances from everyone's favorite animated mascot, Buddy!



Great Play of Stamford will temporally suspend all activities, including classes, open gym, and birthday parties. The current suspension will be til further notice.
We want to let you know that Great Play has had NO reported cases of any staff members or clients who have the virus. We regret having to make this decision, however the government has issued these restrictions, and it's in the best interest for everyone.
We hope that you and your families stay healthy, safe, and that we hope to see you again very soon!
Great Play Management