Camp Party: Ages 4½ to 10

In addition to our amazing Camp (for Ages 4½-10) , we host specially themed Camp Parties at various times during school break (for children ages 3 to 6, also see our Camp Party Junior offering).

Our camp parties include all the fun and games of our traditional camp programs, plus special contests (everyone wins something!), themed giveaways, and prizes, etc.

Camp Party Themes

Carnival Day
Everyone's a winner at the Great Play Carnival! We'll play mini golf, potato sack tag, carnival toss, parachute games, game wheel, have a scavenger hunt and more! Snack time will include contests as well, and everyone goes home with prizes!

Championship Day
If you enjoy sports, this camp is for you - it's like the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and Stanley Cup all rolled into one. We'll have Buddy Bowls for soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and more! We'll finish with an awards ceremony (and everyone's guaranteed to go home a winner).

Beach Party
Come enjoy a beach party, Great Play style (no sun tan lotion required)! Players get a lei when they arrive and play beach ball volleyball, go on a beach treasure hunt (and keep some of the treasure!), and knock the crabs off the beach with our patented throwing walls. We'll serve a snack and have a little talent show, climb monkey bars, and go fishing, too!

Olympic Day
Everyone's guaranteed to be a medalist! Games include relay races, capture the flag, trapezoid team pull, a triathlon contest, and more. We'll serve a snack, have a trivia contest, and finish with a gold medal ceremony (everyone goes home with a gold)!

See the schedule for times, prices and details.

Great Play of Scarsdale will temporally suspend all activities, including classes, open gym, and birthday parties. The current suspension will be til further notice.
We want to let you know that Great Play has had NO reported cases of any staff members or clients who have the virus. We regret having to make this decision, however the government has issued these restrictions, and it's in the best interest for everyone.
We hope that you and your families stay healthy, safe, and that we hope to see you again very soon!
Great Play Management