Customer Reviews - Great Play

Customer Reviews

Infant/Toddler Programs

"Great Play is the most awesome 60 minutes you can spend with your child... He has such fun with everything that he doesn't even realize that he is learning really important aspects of balance and coordination." -Vivienne Dixon, Old Greenwich, CT

"My daughter can't wait to go to Great Play! Buddy is all she talks about! The best part really is the staff. You can see that they love what they do. And they make it enjoyable for parents too!" -Lydia Clark, Thornwood, NY

"Great Play is great fun while providing a wonderful learning experience. Not only is my 3 year old working on physical skills, he is learning how to listen and follow instructions and he is having a lot of fun while he does it." –Alison Balic, Redmond WA

"It's a wonder place. My kids' just love it, and their motor skills are way ahead of their age." -Gail Armondino, Stamford, CT

Preschooler Programs

"I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled we are with the classes and camps. My children beg to go there all the time for classes as well as have their parties there." -Kristine Gigliotti, Stamford, CT

"Great Play has offered a safe, friendly and unique environment for both of our children. The activities are different each week, and unlike anything we've experienced or heard about in comparable "gym-like" programs for kids. We are thrilled to be members of Great Play, and to have Buddy as our new friend." -Sally Martin, Bothell WA

"Great Play has helped significantly with my son's motor development and has enhanced his confidence in a way that has made him much more open to trying a whole range of sports. He looks forward to seeing the friendly, creative coaches each week--and he has a really fun time! It has really been invaluable, and we enrolled at a critical time in his development (age 3). He's almost five now, and still benefiting!" -Beth O'Donnell, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Riverside, CT

"Great Play and Buddy are two of my son’s favorite things in life... He gets SO excited when he sees Buddy. The staff is unbelievable!! We would come every single day if we could!" -Christin Filippelli, Yonkers, NY

School Age Programs

"Great Play is a gym like NO OTHER. Where other similar gyms pretty much repeat the same activities week after week and let the kids learn on their own, Great Play's classes are always different and they teach skills so that the kids have a better grasp of how to do the activities correctly. My daughter has gone to Great Play since it's first week open and has loved it from the beginning.” -Rebecca Shaw, Stamford, CT

"My twin boys love Great Play and the coaches are wonderful with all the children. They keep them engaged and the activities teach them sports skills all while having a great time." -Joanna Napolitano, New Rochelle, NY

"Great Play is awesome. My kids love to go there and would go every day if they could. The coaches are so enthusiastic and attentive that I know the kids are having a great time, and learning good skills too. Plus with the class and open gym time, it's a lot better value than most other sports activities." -Beth Benincasa, Redmond WA

"Great Play has been an unexpected find for our family. I have never seen SUCH great big smiles on their faces as after completing their session. Between the wonderful instructors, great technology and upbeat music, it turns into a near magical experience for kids ... making "athletes" out of them to boot!" -J Cadenhead, New York

Birthday Parties

"When your child can't stop smiling on the drive home and says his party was the best ever you know picked the right place. Great Play is a clean and friendly environment. Your child will feel like a star." ­Norma La Vecchia

"AWESOME!!!! Great Play stands out from the rest. The games are so much fun, the interactive screens are engaging and original. I plan to have many more birthday parties at Great Play." ­Elaine Lanzilotti

"What a wonderful birthday party! The staff did a wonderful job of making sure each child was engaged and having fun, and also making sure our birthday boys felt special on their special day. It was the perfect party for us." ­Rebecca Isenstein

"Having your party at Great Play is a no­brainer! The talented staff makes sure that all of the kids have fun, and your child is the star of her party. Every detail is taken care of from A­Z in this secure, clean and extremely fun place!" ­Pam Humbert