Single Sport Programs

For Ages 4½ to 10 Years

This program is designed to help Players quickly build skills and confidence in a specific sport - often in advance of or to complement their participation in a recreational league.

Through our unique SCORE™ instructional system, which makes learning the fundamentals of any sport skill a simple, systematic process, and through our specialized games in our patented Interactive Arena™, which turns practicing those skills into play, we make it fun for kids to master the skills of any sport.

In this program, we focus on one seasonal sport at a time for 6-12 consecutive class-weeks, as a pre-season tune-up and/or concurrent skill-building opportunity during the season. Many Players find this very helpful because practices in leagues often focus on team play as opposed to individual skill development, or lack the coaching time and/or expertise to develop individual skills.

For those looking for a broader background in a wide range of sports, our Multisport program is a good fit.

We offer single-sport instruction in four sports


  • Dribbling (foot contact, head/eye position, changing speeds and direction, fakes)
  • Passing (body position, contact point, follow through)
  • Trapping (alligator trap, side trap, ball control)
  • Shooting (body position, contact point, follow through)
  • Goalie (ready position, cutting off angles, saves: high, rolling, diving)
  • Defense (positioning, breaking up a dribble, stealing a pass)
  • Team play (give and go, positioning)


  • Dribbling (hand position, eye position, cross-over, shielding, etc.)
  • Passing (chest pass, bounce pass, triple threat)
  • Lay-ups (foot work, using the backboard, give and go, varying speed)
  • Shooting (hand and arm positioning, shooting window, gooseneck, use of legs)
  • Defense (body and hand position, defending the dribble, shot and open player)
  • Rebounding (anticipating, body position, boxing out, jump and grab, landing)
  • Team Play (strategy and positioning)


  • Throwing (grip, wrist and arm motion, legs, follow through)
  • Fielding (ready position, setting up - hands and eyes and body, scoop, throw)
  • Catching (hand position, eyes, squeeze and cover, moving to the ball)
  • Hitting (grip, stance, load, swing, finish)
  • Bunting (stance, pivot, eye contact, making contact)
  • Base running (singles, extra base hits, rounding bases)


  • Running (grip, stance, moves, handoffs, pitches)
  • Passing (grip, technique, accuracy, timing patterns)
  • Catching (high and low passes, over the shoulder, on the move)
  • Pass patterns (concepts, moves, in/out, post/flag, bomb/hook)
  • Defense 1 (coverage, back pedaling, flag pulling techniques)
  • Defense 2 (fumble recoveries and interceptions)
  • Plays (offense/defense) and team play

Learn more about our unique approach to teaching sport skills.

Benefits for Kids

In addition to having a lot of fun every visit, participants will be equipped with a toolkit of skills to get off to a great, successful start with a particular sport. This will build confidence and an ongoing interest in participating.

Interactive Gym™

Learning sport skills can require lots of boring, repetitive practice. Kids can quickly lose interest. But not at Great Play, where we turn learning and practice into play!

Great Play's Interactive Gym is an destination like no other. We offer endless different activities each week, supported by proprietary curriculum, energetic coaches, upbeat music, and immersive technologies that transform our ordinary gym space into ever-changing, interactive learning experience.

Every trip to Great Play a unique, motivating adventure. Kids don't realize they're learning. They're just having fun! Learn more