Multisport Program

Learn the 30 Fundamental Skills of Six Sports
For Ages 4½ to 10 Years

Through our unique SCORE™ instructional system, which makes learning the fundamentals of any sport skill a simple, systematic process, and through our specialized games in our patented Interactive Arena™, which turns practicing those skills into play, we make it fun for kids to master a toolkit of 30 essential skills for six sports. This sets children up for success and confidence in leagues and on playgrounds alike, and starts them on the path to an athletic and physically active life.

Participants in our Multisport classes develop a broad set of sport skills over their time at Great Play. As important as the specific skills taught week-to-week, Players will also be developing a strong overall athletic foundation, including a variety of motor skills, fitness, agility, and overall coordination, which translates to athletic success in general.

Creating Well-Rounded Athleticism

Rather than specialization, experts recommend cross-training with a wide range of sports and physical activities to help children reach their full physical potential at these ages. Even if they choose to specialize later, a broad foundation will make them more successful in whichever sport(s) and physical activities they choose.

In the Multisport Program, we cover a full range of 30 sport skills spanning 6 sports. At any given time, we alternate between two sports and work on complementary skills in consecutive weeks. For instance, floor hockey dribbling may follow soccer dribbling. The general skills related to moving around defenders and varying speeds while controlling and protecting a ball/puck is common to many sports, even though the ball itself and the specific motor skill for moving it are very different. By using different sports in complementary ways, Players are able to draw from past experiences and continue to refine and expand their overall athleticism each week. They also have fun experiencing the variety and expanding their athletic horizon, often discovering new interests in the process.

Unless a child is preparing for a specific seasonal sport (in which case our Single Sport programs would be a good fit), we recommend the Multisport program for developing a broad overall toolkit of skills.

Learn more about our unique approach to teaching sport skills.

Benefits for Kids

In addition to having a lot of fun every visit, participants will be equipped with a toolkit of essential sport skills that build their confidence and competence, and help ensure they have a positive experience on teams (or just in the playground), which in turn will lead to ongoing participation and success.

Interactive Gym™

Learning sport skills can require lots of boring, repetitive practice. Kids can quickly lose interest. But not at Great Play, where we turn learning and practice into play!

Great Play's Interactive Gym is an destination like no other. We offer endless different activities each week, supported by proprietary curriculum, energetic coaches, upbeat music, and patented immersive technologies that transform our gym space into an ever-changing, interactive learning experience.

Every trip to Great Play a unique, motivating adventure. Kids don't realize they're learning. They're just having fun! Learn more