Soccer Junior

A Fun-Filled Introduction to the Skills of Soccer
For Ages 3½ to 5½ Years

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular at these ages in part because it is possible to learn enough of the skills to start playing a "real" game younger than other sports. Enrolling in our Soccer Junior program is the perfect way to get off to a great start! It provides an introduction to the key skills needed to achieve early success, through instruction and fun-filled games.

Each skill is taught briefly at an age-appropriate level, and then practiced through high-energy games that turn practicing the skill into play.

The program is designed to deliver important age-appropriate developmental benefits, while incorporating plenty of playfulness and silliness that makes Great Play so much fun for these ages!

We also offer a Multisport Junior program, which covers age-appropriate skills for five sports.

Benefits for Kids

Participants will begin to be equipped with a toolkit of essential sport skills that build their confidence and competence, and help ensure they have a positive experience on teams (or just in the playground), which in turn will lead to ongoing participation and success.

Interactive Gym™

Learning sport skills can require lots of boring, repetitive practice. Kids can quickly lose interest. But not at Great Play, where we turn learning and practice into play!

Great Play's Interactive Gym is an destination like no other. We offer endless different activities each week, supported by proprietary curriculum, energetic coaches, upbeat music, and immersive technologies that transform our gym space into ever-changing interactive learning experience.

Every trip to Great Play a unique, motivating adventure. Kids don't realize they're learning. They're just having fun! Learn more

Our Coaches (and Buddy)!

Our phenomenal coaches lead the fun, with special guest appearances from everyone's favorite animated mascot, Buddy!