Great Play Junior

Motor Skills and Introductory Athletic Development
For Ages 3½ to 5½ Years

These are important transitional years for children: becoming ready for independent classes and moving from foundational motor skills into more complex, multi-step sport skills. Our Great Play Junior classes are fun, structured and instructional classes, during which we teach two skills per class and incorporate them into creative games to keep the Player's excited throughout.

The skills we teach go way beyond gymnastics. Motor skill development includes activities such as climbing, obstacle courses, balancing, and tumbling. Introductory sport skills include swinging a bat, kicking a ball, throwing, shooting, dribbling, and much more.

Games Make It Fun!

We teach these skills and then explore and apply them through group games, which allow everyone to be a winner, and individual games supported by our Interactive Gym™. Players build a strong foundation, with the confidence and skills to be physically and athletically successful.

Interactive Gym™

Learning motor skills can require lots of boring, repetitive practice. Kids can quickly lose interest. But not at Great Play, where we turn learning and practice into play!

Great Play's Interactive Gym is an destination like no other. We offer endless different activities each week, supported by proprietary curriculum, energetic coaches, upbeat music, and immersive technologies that transform our gym space into an ever-changing interactive learning experience.

Every trip to Great Play a unique, motivating adventure. Kids don't realize they're learning. They're just having fun! Learn more

Benefits for Kids

This program makes it fun to transition from foundational motor skills into more complex, multi-step sport skills.

Our Coaches (and Buddy)!

Our phenomenal coaches lead the fun, with special guest appearances from everyone's favorite animated mascot, Buddy!