Preschooler Programs

For Ages 3½ to 5½ Years

Through games and instruction, preschoolers continue to develop fundamental motor skills - as well as introductory sport skills, coordination and agility - all while having a lot of fun! To the kids, it's all fun and games. But behind the fun is a carefully crafted curriculum of progressive motor skill acquisition that helps children reach their full physical potential.

Help Me Choose

Which program is right for your preschooler?

First off, there's no need to limit yourself to only one program - feel free to enroll in more than one at a time and visit us more than once a week! If you have to choose, below you'll find how our programs compare. As always, feel free to give us a call to discuss placement, and we welcome you to take a trial class as well!

Sports Junior vs. Great Play Junior (for ages 3½ to 5½)

Both programs are fun, playful, silly, and hugely valuable for developing age-appropriate motor and athletic skills.

Consider a Sport Junior program (Multisport or Soccer) for a child who is showing an interest in sports at a young age, perhaps based on seeing an older sibling's participation.

Short of a child having an early interest in sports, the Great Play Junior program, with its broad base of motor skills combined with some athletic development work, is an excellent choice.

Or try both!

Sports Junior vs. School Aged Sports (V/W) for ages 4½ to 5½

The "M" (Junior/Preschooler) and "V" (School Aged) ages are the same (4½ to 5½), and have our broadest range of programs to choose from. For a child in that age range who is interested in sports, rather than the traditional Great Play Junior program, either the Junior Sports or School Aged ("V") Sports program is appropriate, and either is a great introduction to playing sports and to our more advanced (WXY) level sports classes.

Sports Junior (Multisport or Soccer) is for a Player who likes sports but may need a few more breaks during the class and may be a bit more playful and silly. It has a shorter instruction period, with more than one topic per class.

School Aged Sports (V) is for the young Player who is somewhat more serious about sports – not necessarily more skilled, but more focused, for instance, to be able to follow a longer instructional period, and dig deeper into each skill (spending the whole class period on one primary skill per week, with less unstructured time during the class).

Multisport Junior vs. Soccer Junior

Soccer Junior is similar to Multisport Junior, but focused on just soccer, with a playful introduction to the skills of the sport. This is a good choice for Players who have a strong interest in soccer in particular or who are preparing to participate on a soccer team.

For Players who like a broader range of sports and wish to build a broader set of skills, Multisport Junior is a good choice.

Zumba Junior

Zumba is a great combination of fitness and fun. We combine that with our own specialized dance-themed Great Play games to make Zumba Junior classes fun and developmentally valuable.