Great Start

Introductory Motor Skills
Ages 6 Months to 3½ Years (Parent/Child Class)

In these classes, Players, with parental support, enjoy physical exploration and play, and develop a broad base of age-appropriate motor skills in the process.

Players advance through four variations of the program (levels A, B, C and D) based on age and stage of development, with skills and activities progressing at each stage.

To keep Players engaged, our specialized equipment is set up differently every day. Our Interactive Gym™ technology allows our classes to unfold as exciting stories, placing us in different settings throughout the event – from jumping in the snowy hills to a limbo on a sunny beach. Every visit is a fun-filled adventure!

No two classes are the same, but the consistent flow makes each class comfortable and familiar. Activities in a typical class might include climbing, swinging, obstacle courses, interactive throwing and kicking games, balancing, rhythm, tumbling, sensory integration, and, of course, a lot of playing around and having a good time!

Players and parents alike leave smiling and with a sense of accomplishment!

Benefits for Kids

This program gives children an ideal foundation of essential introductory motor skills, including a full range of locomotor, stability and manipulative skills. Through a specially designed program of "directed play," children build confidence, self-esteem and social skills as they build a strong physical foundation.

Benefits for Parents

This is a great time for bonding with your child, as you participate in (and witness up close) their earliest steps toward physical development.

Our Coaches (and Buddy!)

Our phenomenal coaches lead the fun, with special guest appearances from everyone's favorite animated mascot, Buddy!