Camp Party Junior: Ages 3 to 6

In addition to our amazing Camp Junior (for Ages 3-6), we host specially themed Camp Parties Junior at various times during school break (for children ages 4½ to 10, also see our Camp Party offering).

Our camp parties include all the fun and games of our traditional camp programs, plus special contests (everyone wins something!), themed giveaways, and prizes, etc.

Camp Party Junior Themes

Carnival Day
Everyone's a winner at the Great Play Carnival! We'll play mini golf, potato sack tag, carnival toss, parachute games, game wheel, have a scavenger hunt and more! Snack time will include contests as well, and everyone goes home with prizes!

Championship Day
If you enjoy sports, this camp is for you - it's like the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, and Stanley Cup all rolled into one. We'll have Buddy Bowls for soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, and more! We'll finish with an awards ceremony (and everyone's guaranteed to go home a winner).

Pajama Party
Come in your PJs and join us for some fun! The Interactive Gym™ transports us to a special "night time" party place where the coaches lead fun-filled slumber party themed games!

Super Hero Day
You (and Buddy) are on a mission to save the world! Play games to get clues to gain super hero power and save us all from evil! Activities include looking for treasure in the forest, breaking the roulette code to find more treasure, superhero flying practice, building the superhero vehicle, and transforming the evil villains!

Super Spy Day
Learn how to be a Secret Agent at Buddy's Super Spy Training!!! Buddy and the Great Play coaches will teach you how to move like a spy on Buddy's special obstacle courses. You'll search for the high tech tools of the trade - special phones, watches and telescopes. And after you master all the skills in a series of fun spy games you will be awarded a Spy Certificate and go home ready to go under cover!

Princess and Pirate Party
Calling all Princesses and Pirates to join us for a special Treasure Hunt. Hundreds of years ago, a treasure chest was hidden in a castle on a deserted island... The Princesses and Pirates will look for the treasure in special games near a volcano, on the beach, in the jungle and more! If they are able to find the treasure chest in the castle, they'll get to bring some of the riches home!

New Year's Eve Bash
The children will help us plan our "pretend" New Year's Eve Party in New York City! We'll take an Obstacle Course to get to the city, help pick out the famous ball that will drop at midnight, gallop our way through Times Square, and much more! Before camp ends we'll have our very own countdown and do some "freeze dancing" in the streets!

Winter Wonderland
The coaches and kids will play in their very own indoor Winter Wonderland created by our Arena! We'll build pretend snowmen, go on sleigh rides, throw snow balls, jump in the "snow" and much more. We will warm up after our time in the snow, decorate for the holidays, wrap presents, and end our camp with our very own dance party to celebrate the holidays.

See the schedule for times, prices and details.