Camp Junior: Ages 3 to 6

Camps are generally offered during extended school breaks (summer and holidays).

Our Camps are the perfect vacation activity - combining hours of fun and play with significant developmental value!

Getting ready Run-To Game (left) and Obstacle Course (right) Backhand Passing Shot: Balloon tennis Kicking instruction (left) and balloon tennis (right) Plank walk (left) and catching skills (right) Everyone's favorite mascot Parents know best!
Getting ready
Camps start with free play, introductions, song and then warm-ups to get ready for the fun ahead!

No two camps are the same!

Come once or come all vacation long! You'll never get bored, because of the tremendous variety and creativity of our activities.

We have developed unique curriculum for more than 50 different Camp Junior sessions, drawing from our extensive collection of fun, educational activities. Each Camp Junior session is 2-3 hours long (see schedule for for details), and includes at least a dozen carefully planned games and activities per session.

Activities include instruction in a wide variety of age-appropriate motor skills and sport skills, plus tumbling, balancing, rhythm, obstacle courses, climbing, and plenty of free play time, running around and being silly!

And most important, our camps are led by the same fantastic full-time, highly-trained, professional staff that leads our classes and parties.


Camp Junior is based on the curriculum from our Great Play Junior (Motor Skills and Intro Athletic Development) Program. Through games and instruction, players develop fundamental motor skills - as well as introductory sport skills, coordination and agility - all while having a lot of fun! To the kids, it's all fun and games. But behind the fun is a carefully crafted curriculum of progressive motor skill acquisition that helps children reach their full physical potential.

The skills we teach go "way beyond gymnastics." Motor skill development includes activities such as climbing, obstacle courses, balancing, and tumbling. Introductory sport skills include swinging a bat, kicking a ball, throwing, shooting, dribbling, and much more.

We teach these skills and then explore and apply them through group games, which allow everyone to be a winner, and individual games supported by our Interactive Arena™. Players build a strong foundation, with the confidence and skills to be physically and athletically successful.

See the schedule for times, prices and details.