Camp: Ages 4½ to 10

Camps are generally offered during extended school breaks (summer and holidays).

Our Camps are the perfect vacation activity - combining hours of fun and play with significant developmental value!

Introductions, pro-style! We make it FUN for kids to develop sport skills Instruction (L) and Hot Shot Station (R) SCORE breaks  skills into  a series of repeatable steps/checkpoints Breaking bottles beats "practicing"! Get the heart pumping A typical fitness circuit obstacle A high-energy team throwing game Arena Magic Parents know best
Introductions, pro-style!
After free play time, Players enter the Arena to music, their image on a large projected scoreboard, and cheering fans!

No two camps are the same!

Come once or come all vacation long! You'll never get bored, because of the tremendous variety and creativity of our activities.

We have developed unique curriculum for more than 50 different Camp sessions, drawing from our extensive collection of fun, educational activities. Each Camp session is 2-3 hours long (see schedule for for details), and includes at least a dozen carefully planned games and activities per Camp session.

Each of these Camps includes some of our all-time favorite games and activities drawn from both our Multisport and Great Play 50 programs that are guaranteed to have the kids running around, burning some energy, and having an absolute blast!

And most important, our camps are led by the same fantastic full-time, highly-trained, professional staff that leads our classes and parties.


Each Camp includes instruction in two of our sport skills, based on our SCORE™ teaching method, and lots of games designed to turn practice into play! They'll learn some new skills, but they'll hardly know it amid all the fun and play. Activities from our innovative Great Play 50 program are woven in to keep kids moving, fit, and smiling!

Sports Skill Component

Through instruction and specialized games in our Interactive Arena™, Players have fun mastering a "toolkit" of essential skills chosen from six sports – soccer, baseball, basketball, football, floor hockey and volleyball. For each skill, we start with a brief instruction period using our unique SCORE teaching method to learn proper technique. Then we play a series of games to apply the skill. This part of the Camp is based on our Multisport program.

Great Play 50 Component

Our Great Play 50 activities focus on games that build fitness, teamwork and coordination. This part of the camp is based on our Great Play 50 program.

See the schedule for times, prices and details.