Franchise Award Process

Process: Our process for awarding a Great Play franchise includes several steps of mutual evaluation to see if Great Play is a fit for you and if you are a fit for Great Play:

  1. Explore the franchising website and see if you think Great Play may be for you.
  2. Request additional information: Done!
  3. Review and discuss: Review the franchise information we share, and we will answer any preliminary questions you may have by phone, and learn more about you.
  4. Confidential Information Form: If you wish to pursue a Great Play franchise, fill out and send us your Confidential Information Form (CIF).  This form does not create any obligation for you, but it allows us to better assess your readiness to operate your own franchise.
  5. Discussion of potential fit: We will review your CIF and discuss the potential fit between you and Great Play with you.  If we feel you have the potential to be a successful Great Play franchise owner, we will invite you to visit us for a Discovery Day. 
  6. Discovery Day: You will meet our executive team; receive detailed information about operating a Great Play unit and the support you would receive as a franchise owner; and visit one or more sites to see our program in action.  Also, we will interview you to help us determine whether we will award you a Great Play franchise.
  7. Franchise Agreement: If you wish to proceed, and we award you a franchise, you will enter into a Franchise Agreement with us and pay the franchise fee.  Celebration will be in order as you are on your way to opening your own Great Play!
  8. Getting started and operating: Your training program will be scheduled, and site selection and construction phases can begin. We will be assisting and advising you every step of the way in the planning, setup, and marketing of your Great Play unit. 

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* See Franchise Disclosure Document, Item 19, for earnings claims information.