Parents Night Out

 We'll fill the evening with some of Great Play's most loved games and activities, dinner and movie time. Here are some of the activites we have planned for the evening;

  • Great Play "Best of the Best" - We will chose from our most popular Great Play Games and stations. Everyone will, of course, have fun...and they might even develop some skills in the process too! We will have different age-appropriate stations for the various age groups.
  • Dinner time - Cheese Pizza and water, story telling and jokes (You are welcome to provide snacks or alternate food as long as it does not contain nuts.)
  • More Great Play Favorites - After dinner we'll return to the gym area for another round of Great Play favorite games and stations.
  • Movie time - We'll pull out the matts and end the evening with a movie on the big screen (be sure to pack a favorite blanket!)

Upcoming Dates


Price (1st Child)

Price (Sibling)

No planned parents night out at this time. Please check back soon for future days!





You can pick up at anytime!

6:00pm – 9:00pm





$35 for Members

$40 Non Members





We offer a  20% discount on siblings.

$28 Members

$32 Non Members



Our Parents' Night Out is a drop-off program that gives you a chance to enjoy a night on the town while the kids have a blast in our amazing, patented Interactive Arena! Go out for a fun evening and rest assured that your children are in good hands with our experienced and caring coaches in a safe, fun, and clean environment!

 Other questions? Want to sign up? Contact us at: 303-955-0287