Custom Birthday Parties for Ages 1-10 - Great Play

Custom Birthday Parties for Ages 1-10

Our award-winning, high-energy parties are truly spectacular events, and we make your child the star of the show! Your guests will have a blast and your child will receive All-Star treatment in our amazing Interactive Gym™.

How it works

  1. Start by picking one of our fantastic party themes.
  2. We'll ask you some questions about the party star's interests and personality, and the guests.
  3. Then we'll fully customize the party activities just for you, and pre-program it into our patented Interactive Arena software.
  4. Show up and enjoy the spectacular event! Your child will be the star, and your guests will have a blast!

Six Great Themes, and Endless Customization for the Perfect Party

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The Amazing Interactive Arena

Buddy birthday

Parties (and classes) at Great Play take place in our patented Interactive Arena, which make them unlike any other kids' activity. Half a dozen computers control eight projectors, a directional sound system, and over a dozen sensing systems to bring the sparkling clean 3000 sq. ft. space to life. We call it the Interactive Arena. Kids call it "very cool!" and "a lot of fun!"

During our regular sports skill and motor skill classes, the Arena technology is used to turn practicing newly learned skills into play. For parties, we drop the instruction, and include just the playing parts!

Younger parties unfold as stories, with activities based on the interests of the birthday star. For instance, we don't just climb on an obstacle course at Great Play… the projectors transport us to an imaginary play area under the sea where we swim like fish through it, or a magic castle with knights and princesses that we explore. Then the cameras capture the action during freeze dance and show the delighted dancers up on the big screen. And Buddy, our beloved animated mascot, appears (and disappears) on the screens for a running, jumping, skipping, hopping game of hide-and-seek!

Bottle game

For older parties, Players enter the Arena as though they are entering a stadium as the starting lineup in an all star game! The lights come down, music comes up, the spotlights start to shine, and the camera starts rolling showing each Player's entrance up on the giant scoreboard. The Players high five each other on their way into the Arena and then the (animated) crowd goes wild when the MVP of the event finally enters! And that's just to start things up!

Depending on the interests of the party star, there are a wide variety of activities built into each party, including our amazing interactive walls, where the kids can break virtual bottles, kick field goals with an interactive referee, hit in a home run derby, and much more.

Making a Custom Great Play Party


When you book a Great Play party, we will ask you a series of questions that will allow us to customize the party for your child, including:

  • Interests of the party star (specific activities or sports, passions, etc.)
  • Comfort with being the center of attention
  • Interest in having (or avoiding) competition
  • Age and gender of attendees, etc.
  • We also get a digital photo of the birthday star from you for the welcome message on our 100 sq ft scoreboards!

Then we go to work creating a fully custom party and we pre-program it into our patented Interactive Arena software. Every party is unique to the birthday child’s interests and personality.

One thing they all have in common is that they are action-packed, and filled with fun, unique, high-energy activities. We never like to see a child get bored, even for a minute! So one of our hallmarks is to stuff the party so full of games, that we're onto the next one before the fun of the last one has worn off!

Birthday Party Reviews

Great Play routinely receives "off the charts" reviews from customers and in the press. Here's a small sampling:


  • "A uniquely engaging experience for children of all ages." – USA Today
  • "I've seen it and it’s amazing! I could FEEL the energy in the room!" – Macaroni Kid
  • "One of the most innovative brands in youth fitness worldwide." – IHRSA, the International Health and Racquet sports Association
  • Selected Best Of Denver, Phoenix and Seattle!
  • See Great Play In The News for many more great reviews.


  • "When your child can't stop smiling on the drive home and says his party was the best ever you know picked the right place! Great Play is a clean and friendly environment. Your child will feel like a star." – party for 6 year old boy
  • "Having your child's birthday party at Great Play is a real treat!" – party for 5 yer old girl
  • "The Great Play team goes above and beyond to make your child feel terrific on his or her birthday! I highly recommend hosting your special day at Great Play!" – party for 3 year old girl
  • "AWESOME!!!! Great Play stands out from the rest. Your child will be chanting, 'BUDDY, BUDDY, BUDDY,' all the way home. The games are so much fun, the interactive screens are engaging and original. I plan to have many more birthday parties at Great Play." – party for 1 year old boy
  • "What a wonderful birthday party! Our boys had a fabulous time playing all of the games and activities. The staff did a wonderful job of making sure each child was engaged and having fun, and also making sure our birthday boys felt special on their special day. It was the perfect party for us." – party for 8 year old twin boys
  • "All of the instructors were so nice and fun. The activities were fantastic! Not only did the kids have a terrific time but the moms keep telling me how impressed they were with Great Play. Thank you!" – Suzanne Konstance, Stamford CT
  • "My 8 year old daughter wanted a birthday party that offered a variety of things to do, something for her friends that enjoyed sports and something for her friends that enjoyed fun games. Great Play provided both! Everyone had a great time and the employees took care of everything. I'd highly recommend having a party at Great Play. My daughter said it was the best party yet!" – party for 8 year old girl
  • "From booking the party to the actual day, it was a great experience. The staff was professional and fun, well trained and easy to work with. Great Play is very clean and the staff takes care of everything. I showed up with my party girl, party favors and cake and Great Play took care of the rest!!" – party for 4 year old girl
  • "I have done many kids' birthday parties and Great Play does the best job by far. The kids are constantly entertained and made to feel special. You can't beat it!" – party for 6 year old boy
  • "Great play is a perfect age appropriate, fun clean place to have a birthday party!" – party for 4 year old boy