The Role of Parents - Great Play

The Role of Parents

Of course, physical development should not be confined to a class or two a week. It is important that Players reinforce their skills outside of the Great Play Arena, with friends and family. We see ourselves as coaches for both the Players and their parents, in promoting overall physical development.

Continuing the Learning at Home

Motor skills are mastered through repetition of proper technique. The more opportunity you can give your child to explore and apply the skills we teach in class, the more progress he or she will make.

Educate Yourself

Read about and/or attend seminars on proper nutrition and physical activity. The more you know the more of a resource you can be to support your children's healthy development. See the Useful Links page for some suggestions.

Your Own Health and Fitness

We strongly encourage parents to be physically active themselves, both for their own health and because role modeling is a key element in developing healthy habits in children. We are happy to refer parents to programs that might be suited to their needs.