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Resources for Parents: Introduction

As a parent, you influence the physical development and fitness of your children. Here's how to be a good influence.


Why Physical Development Matters for Children

Physical development should be fun. Sometimes that gets mistaken for being unimportant – it gets cut from school budgets and is often overlooked as a…


How Children Learn Motor Skills

Physical development consists of two major components: physical fitness and motor skill development. Physical fitness includes strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Motor skills include…


Challenges to Becoming Physically Successful

Physical activity should be one of the most fun parts of any child's day, and the benefits of an active life are so compelling that…


Physical Fitness for Children

Fitness for children is somewhat different than fitness for adults. There are differences in motivation and in physical capacity to adapt to and benefit from…


Organized Sport Leagues

Organized leagues provide children with many potentially wonderful experiences and are generally run by caring volunteers who are giving back to the community. Nevertheless, parents…


Sink-or-Swim Training

Great Play uses the SCORE™ Method of training. Elsewhere, such as in sports leagues, children may be exposed to a so-called "sink-or-swim" method of learning…


The Role of Parents

Of course, physical development should not be confined to a class or two a week. It is important that Players reinforce their skills outside of…