Not Your Typical Kids' Gym

Our classes are not what you may have come to expect from the children's gym market. Except for the fact that kids learn a great deal, we probably shouldn't even call them "classes" – they're really high-energy, interactive events!

"A Gym Like No Other!"

Parents who have tried other kids' gyms refer to Great Play as "a gym like NO OTHER!", "Awesome!", "In a league of their own!" And our parties "Stand out from the rest," and are "Perfect!," "Fantastic!," "Above and beyond!," "The best EVER!"

There are many reasons for this: our comprehensive curriculum and proprietary teaching methods allow each class to be unique and educational. And our patented Interactive Arena, specialized games and extensively trained coaches make every visit exciting.

Children Develop to Their Full Physical Potential

Our Curriculum taps into the key developmental windows that open at each stage of a child's growth. We use a broad-based approach to help ensure that each child develops to his or her physical potential – starting from a broad foundation of introductory motor skills for our younger Players, all the way through complex sport skills for K-5.

During each class, we teach age-appropriate skills, and then turn practicing those skills into play through unique games in our Interactive Arena. As far as the kids are concerned, they are busy playing and having fun. But each activity is carefully designed as part of an overall curriculum that progresses children from stage-to-stage in their development.

We start at a young age introducing the building blocks of skills needed for children to be athletically successful. For instance, while a complex, fast-paced skill like a baseball swing or tennis stroke is too challenging for a typical 3 year old, balloon paddle tennis is a simplified striking skill that helps build hand-eye coordination for eventual mastery of the more complex skills. (And of course for the kids, it's all just fun and games!)

Our Teaching Methodology Scores!

SCORE™ (Successes Continually Reinforced and Extended), makes learning fun and more predictable, and keeps Players feeling confident at each stage. They succeed quickly with new skills, then continually build on them.

Our Coaches Have as Much Fun as the Kids!

Our Coaches are selected for their ability to keep classes fun, supportive, safe, non-competitive and upbeat; and they are extensively trained in the delivery of our proprietary curriculum.

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