A Great Mission

Our mission is for every child to develop a love of physical activity that will lead to an active, healthy and confident life, whether they choose to pursue competitive athletics or simply play and move for fun.

While not every child will have the desire (or genetic capability) to be a professional athlete, every child does have the capacity to be physically successful, if armed with the essential toolkit of skills for success. With all the benefits that come from an active lifestyle, all children should be aided and encouraged to reach their full potential.

The Benefits of Physical Activity ...

… and, conversely, the risks associated with inactivity, are substantial for children. Physical development influences health, self-esteem, and even concentration power and academic success. But many children are not getting off to a good start. Outdoor active time is down. Screen time competes for children's attention. Recreational leagues increasingly cater to the early-blooming athletes and the most aggressive children, leaving others behind. And many physical development programs are outdated or poorly structured - often involving too much waiting time and too little variety to fully develop children and hold their interest over time.

We Started with a Blank Slate

At Great Play, we re-imagined every aspect of how youth physical development could work. We developed updated curriculum based on research from leading authorities in the field and created unique programs for each stage of development. We packaged it with a teaching system that makes it fun and maximizes children's success. And we housed it all in a brand new, patented Interactive Arena™ designed to engage, entertain and stimulate children of all ages.

"Great Play!"

Our name (in addition to representing the great time children have when they visit us) comes from that ultimate feeling of success for anyone playing a game or sport – having friends, fans and teammates clapping and shouting "Great Play!" from the sidelines. We want every Player to develop the skills and confidence to experience that feeling, so they'll want to play and be physically active for life.

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