World's First Interactive Gym

Great Play's innovative curriculum is supported by new patented technology that makes it unlike any other kids' gym. Half a dozen computers control eight projectors, a directional sound system, and over a dozen sensing systems to bring the sparkling clean 3000 sq. ft. space to life.

We call it the Interactive Arena. The kids call it "very cool!" and "a lot of fun!"

Every visit to Great Play is unique and exciting. Our youngest Players run, skip and jump along with Buddy, our lovable animated mascot. Our older players have fun mastering sport skills with our interactive games.

Making it fun makes it work

Many motor skills are best learned through extensive repetition of proper form (i.e., "practice, practice, practice!"). But drills can get boring – kids don’t want to practice, they want to play! We turn practice into play, using our technology and unique games. The goal is that children learn, without ever knowing they were practicing.

For instance, to practice throwing, Players "break" virtual bottles on a shelf, or throw into an animated strike zone. Then the Arena becomes a stadium full of cheering fans rooting the Players on. For younger Players, our classes unfold as exciting stories and our Arena places us in different settings throughout the event - from jumping in the snowy hills to a limbo on a sunny beach. Then the cameras capture the action during freeze dance and show the delighted dancers up on the big screen. Every visit is a fun-filled adventure!

The Great Play environment is an engaging, non-competitive, clean and safe space for kids to have fun, explore existing abilities and develop new ones.

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