Great Play History

Jyl and Keith Camhi, the founders of Great Play, have combined their passions for fitness and athletics, their strong desire to see children get off to a great start in life, and more than 25 years of prior business experience in the fitness and technology fields to create Great Play. As avid runners, exercisers and athletes, the couple began developing the concept for Great Play after exploring the existing crop of offerings for their own kids. They found the curriculums to be dated and often one-dimensional, based largely on just one discipline, such as gymnastics, rather than on a more well-rounded range of skills.

Their vision was to incorporate the latest science – on the progression of motor skill and athetlic development in children – into a high-energy, fun-filled program, housed in an ever-changing Interactive Gym that would make every visit feel like play to the kids. In the process, children would develop a broad range of skills that are critical to reaching their full physical potential.

Whether kids pursue competitive athletics, or simply play and move for fun, the skills and confidence developed by 5th grade generally determine how active a child will be for life. Great Play was developed to make it fun for kids to get off to a good, well-rounded start.

After years in development, the first patented Great Play Interactive Gym™ opened in Stamford in 2006 to rave reviews. In 2008 the second site opened in Scarsdale and grew even faster, and Great Play (and its loyal customer base) has been growing rapidly ever since!

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