Great Benefits for Kids

As far as the kids are concerned, every visit to Great Play is nothing but fun and play and that's just how it should be! But underneath the games is a scientifically based curriculum designed to help children develop the full range of essential motor skills and sport skills to set them on the path to being physically active and physically successful for life.

The benefits of this to our Players are immense:

Start on the Path to a Healthy, Active Life
Initial success leads to confidence and the desire to play more, which leads to greater mastery of skills, more confidence, and more interest in participating. This virtuous cycle ultimately results in children thinking of themselves as being athletic and sets them on the path to a lifetime of physical participation.

Achieve Their Full Physical Potential
By tapping into key, age-specific developmental windows, we help children develop the right motor skills and sport skills at the right time - when their brains and bodies are prepared to absorb and master each essential skill.

Develop Good Physical Fitness
Fitness is a key byproducts of physical participation. Our Players increase their physical fintess both directly at Great Play and also through their increased active time that results from their skill development. This includes strength, endurance, flexibility and good body composition.

Get Plenty of "Touch Time"
We design our activities to minimize kids' time waiting in line, while maximizing the hands-on experience that keeps it fun and helps develop skills.

Develop Life Skills
While we get there through play, developing these skills is about much more than playing. Children who grow up thinking of themselves as athletic tend to have better life-balance, make better decisions about diet, drugs and drinking, have better focus and study skills, have improved social skills, and demonstrate greater confidence.

Achieve Academically
Research shows that children who are physically active are also more prepared to concentrate and learn, and therefore perform better in school.

Build Self-Esteem and Confidence
In their physical abilities and all facets of their lives.

Get in the Game!
Confident in their skills, our Players choose to participate, both at Great Play and beyond.

And, of Course, Have Fun!
Great Play is designed to be a great experience each and every visit.

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