Creating Early Success

Get in the Game

At Great Play, Players are in the game – literally. Being in our Interactive Arena is like being immersed in a game! But the idea of getting in the game also extends beyond our Arena. We believe every child should have the desire, confidence and skills to get in the game anytime, whether in the neighborhood, at school, in the local leagues, or beyond.

Early Success is Essential

From a young age, children start labeling themselves as athletic or not. Feeling successful on the field, court, playground or even in the back yard leads to a continued desire to play, which leads to more learning and greater success. Tragically, the opposite is also true – getting off to a bad start can cause a child to want to sit out, missing the opportunity to develop fully during key growth years, and making their self-doubt snowball into a self-fulfilling prophesy lasting a lifetime. Considering the benefits of an active life, and the detriments of inactivity, every child should "get in the game!"

Building Competence and Confidence …

… starts at a young age, when key foundation skills are being learned. Our Infant/Toddler classes for ages 6 months to 3½ years go "way beyond gymnastics" to help children develop the broad base of locomotor, stability and manipulative skills needed to succeed. In our Preschooler classes for ages 3½ to 5½, Players continue to build motor skills and begin learning sport skills as well.

For Grades K to 5, …

… we use our unique SCORE training method to help Players in our School-Age sport skill classes acquire a toolkit of essential skills to succeed in a wide range of athletic activities. We also offer a uniquely Great Play version of Phys Ed class that focuses on overall fitness and coordination.

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