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Zumba, Great Play Style!

Program Overview


Zumba, Great Play Style!




For ages 3½ to 5½ years (Zumba LM) and ages 5 to 10 (Zumba)

Zumba is a great combination of fitness and fun - it creates a party-like atmosphere that is so much fun that the kids have no idea it's good for them, and that makes it a perfect fit for Great Play's philosophy. 


Our Great Play Zumba classes are rockin', high-energy events packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines. We combine each class with our own specialized, age-appropriate Great Play games to make each week a one-of-a-kind offering! 


Kids develop fitness and coordination, while learning fun Latin, Hip-Hop and International dance moves! 


Each class includes:

  • Fun, active introductory activities to warm up.
  • Multiple Zumba dance routines set to fun, high-energy music. Dancers of all levels as well as complete novices love it!
  • Special Great Play dance-related and team-building games like Survivor, Dance Roulette and Musical Hoops.
  • Closing dance and activities.


Free Trial Class

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