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Great Play's Programs


We make it FUN for children to develop motor skills, sport skills, fitness and coordination

Great Play's programs, each based on our unique and comprehensive approach to youth physical development, give children a dramatically improved way to achieve physical success. For the kids, our classes are just pure fun -- with each class primarily consisting of a series of specially designed games in our patented Interactive Arena™. But hidden beneath the fun is a scientifically-based curriculum of progressive motor skill and sport skill acquisition, guided by our specially trained coaches, to help children build their competence and confidence and reach their full athletic potential.


Our motor skills programs for our younger Players go way beyond typical kids' gym programs to equip children with a complete foundation of skills needed for physical success. And our athletic and sport skills programs, using our SCORE™ training system, give older Players a comprehensive toolkit of 30 skills needed to succeed in leagues and on playgrounds, to launch a lifetime of athletic participation.


All our programs are brought to life with our Interactive Arena technology, making every class a one-of-a-kind experience. Great Play truly is a gym like none other!


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Intro Motor Skills Motor Skills & Intro Athletic Dev Sports Play 50! Zumba, Great Play Style Birthday Parties
6 months - 3½ years Ages 3½ - 5½

Ages 3½ - 5½ &

Grades K - 5th

Grades K - 5th

Ages 3½ - 5½ &

Ages 5 - 10

Ages 1 - 10



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