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Grades K to 5th


Fifty minutes of fun-filled directed play – it’s like Field Day, Phys. Ed. class and a Birthday Party all rolled into one, and it provides well-rounded, age-appropriate physical development in the process! 


At Great Play, we specialize in helping kids develop skills without even knowing it, because our unique Arena and original games are so much fun. This class is an action packed, fun filled session of exactly that - fun and games that are perfect for building age appropriate fitness, coordination, teamwork and advanced motor skills. Fit-n-Fun builds athleticism without focusing on sports per se: perfect for the athlete and non-athlete alike!


Program Overview

We use directed play and fun-filled games, with our fantastic coaches and the help of our patented Interactive Arena to make developing fitness, coordination teamwork and advanced motor skills pure fun and games. (Sorry grown ups, we don't have any classes for you, so you'll just have to keep going to the gym...)


Unlike our Sports Skills Program, these classes are not focused on developing the techniques for a particular sport, but rather focus on building overall athleticism. These classes are ideal for both the child who doesn't particularly enjoy sports (and needs an alternative to the rec leagues for staying active and fit), as well as the child who does play sports (and wants to increase his or her overall athletic ability to perform at a higher level).


Class Flow

The class includes warm ups (such as an obstacle course), a fitness activity (changes each week), a high energy game that builds cardiovascular strength, teamwork games that are some of the kids' favorites, relays and a motor skill game that builds coordination.  The activities change every week but they're always fun and always designed to help foster the Players' athletic growth and success - but they won't know that, to them it's 50 minutes of pure play!


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  • Let the Games Begin! 0

    Introductions, pro-style! Players enter the Arena to music, their image on a large projected scoreboard, and cheering fans!

  • Fitness Circuit 1

    Get the heart pumpingPlayers run through a fitness obstacle course that builds agility, fitness, coordination... and smiles! Course changes every week.

  • Vault2

    Fitness obstacle course.

  • Pinball!4

    A high-energy team gameEach team tries to knock down all the pins on the other team's side. This game builds teamwork while turning practicing throwing skills into play.

  • Hands In!7

    Team cheer at the end of the games50 minutes goes fast when you're having fun!