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About Great Play







Great Play starts children on a path to a physically active life.

By participating at Great Play, our Players:

  • Have fun: Great Play, first and foremost, is a great experience each and every visit.

  • Experience the thrill of success at Great Play and beyond.

  • Start on the path to a healthy, active life: Success and confidence lead to the desire to play more, which leads to greater mastery of skills and more confidence. Success leads to success, and a lifetime of physical activity will follow.

  • Achieve their full physical potential by developing the right skills at the right time, through tapping into key, age-specific developmental windows.

  • Develop good physical fitness, including strength, endurance, flexibility and good body composition.

  • Acquire well-tuned motor and sport skills.

  • Get plenty of “touch time”: we design our activities to minimize "waiting in line" time and maximize the hands-on experience that keeps it fun and helps develop skills.

  • Develop life skills: While we get there through play, this is about more than play. Pursuit of physical ability leads to life-balance, making the right choices about diet, drugs and drinking; having good focus and study skills; and overall confidence.

  • Achieve academically: Research shows that children who are physically active are also more prepared to concentrate and learn.

  • Build self-esteem and confidence in their physical abilities and all facets of their lives.

  • Get in the Game! both here and beyond.


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