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Scarsdale Daily Voice

Aug 17, 2012 - Scarsdale Gym Battles Shyness Once Child at a Time

For many Scarsdale and Eastchester children, the idea of new classes parties and group activities can be daunting. Zineb Truta, owner of Great Play in Scarsdale understands the struggles shy children face, and has advice for families to help the kids become more outgoing.

Scarsdale  Patch

Aug 15, 2012 - Tips to Introduce Reluctant Children to Group Activities

Great Play of Scarsdale offers parents some advice.

NY Metro Parents

March 5, 2012 - New Activities at Great Play

Great Play of Scarsdale recently added a slew of new activities to their line-up, including Parents' Night Out, Zumbatomic, a siblings class, a new weekend class, and a drop-off camp.

Scarsdale  Patch

Feb 9, 2012 - Great Play Transforms Child Fitness Into Fun

Who says going to the gym has to be a chore for kids, like completing their homework or making their beds? Great Play Scarsdale ensures that kids of all ages can get fit -- while enjoying themselves along the way.

Macaroni   Logo

September 10, 2011 - Great Play of Scarsdale Welcomes New Owner Introduces Parents' Night Out

Great Play recently brought in franchisee Zineb Truta to manage the growth of this location.

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January 22, 2010 - Macaroni Kid, Rivertowns - More Reasons We Love Great Play - Sports Skills Program for Grades K-5

"I've seen it and it's amazing!"... "They teach kids to master 24 important, basic sport skills"... "I could FEEL the energy in the room, these kids were having fun!"

Macaroni   Logo

June 26, 2009 - Macaroni Kid, Rivertowns - 10 Reasons We (Still) Love Great Play!

Among the highlights: The coaches ROCK... They continually change it up... they base toddler play on real research... The music is good... It is safe...